China Unveils Ambitious 2022 Green Development Plan

China has announced plans to accelerate green development under its 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-2025), focusing on building a low-carbon, circular economy to meet its carbon peak and neutrality goals. The State Council’s document outlines strategies to reduce energy consumption per unit of GDP by 13.5% from 2020 levels and maintain total energy consumption at reasonable levels by 2025. The country also aims to lead the world in energy efficiency and limit emissions from key industries.

The plan targets key industries, including steel, iron, nonferrous metals, building materials, and petrochemicals, encouraging industrial enterprises to consolidate at industrial parks for improved energy systems and pollution control. Urban and rural areas are asked to contribute by building low-carbon cities, utilizing renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, and biomass for clean heating and agricultural production.

Green transportation infrastructure, such as railways, highways, ports, and airports, will be promoted, alongside electric vehicle battery charging and swapping facilities, gas and hydrogen filling stations, and shore power at ports and airports. The plan also seeks improvements in policies and mechanisms to curb total energy consumption, energy intensity, and pollutant emissions.

Market-based mechanisms are urged to advance pilot programs for trading energy use rights and align them with carbon emissions trading. Enhanced energy accounting and online energy consumption monitoring systems for major energy consumers are also encouraged.

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