Apple Homepod vs Amazon Echo

Apple Homepod Vs Amazon Echo
Smart-home gadgets are the way of the future. Changing the way people interact inside their home and even with their home, technology such as Amazon’s Echo, Google’s Home or Apple’s new HomePod removes any questioning as to why Apple would finally sink its wildly successful teeth into this part of the market. Competing with these two other mega giants should be no hard task for Apple. But how does the Apple HomePod stack up against Amazon Echo?

When it comes to personability, Amazon’s Echo hits a higher mark. With HomePod, the command “Hey, Siri” will prompt use of the device. It shares a similar situation with Google Home: the user feels like they’re still interacting with a device. It’s a small, but important feature. This will be a phrase used nearly every day, several times a day. Amazon at least saw the importance and allowed the user to change the device’s wake up phrase. HomePod doesn’t have that option (yet).

Much like the rest of Apple’s product line, HomePod, at least compared to its counter devices, is expensive. Amazon Echo costs around $180 dollars, while Apple HomePod costs $350, almost double the price. While HomePod can be connected to a speaker system like Sonos (unlike Echo), Echo functions easier. Aside from sending messages, Amazon Echo can do all the things Apple HomePod can do, plus more.

For an Apple product, a product line that has a higher price point based almost entirely because of aesthetics, the Apple HomePod leaves a lot to be desired. The inner design is more interesting than its outside; the HomePod looks like an offwhite (or black) cylindrical-shaped pillow. This is a sharp contrast from its 90s and early 2000s product line, when their devices screamed “color”–as well as their commercials. Apple of the past was seen as “hip” or “fun”. HomePod is, well, bland.

All-in-all, the HomePod may only appeal to die-hard fans of Apple, but it leaves something to be desired. So far, tech enthusiasts are left unimpressed and wondering, “What’s the point?”

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