Buying an iPhone X? May not happen this year.

If you’re considering buying a new Apple iPhone X once they are released later this year, you should probably clear your calendar to make sure you’re free on midnight October 27. This is the date when the iPhone X will officially be available for pre-orders on the company’s website, and if you want to have any hope of actually receiving your shiny new iPhone this year, it is essential that you are one of the first customers to place a pre-order. Otherwise, if you hesitate at all, there is a high chance that you will be waiting until sometime in 2018 before you can actually get your hands on Apple’s newest smartphone.

The reason is that many experts believe that it is likely that pre-orders for the new iPhone X will be much higher than Apple’s supply chain can handle at present. The huge demand for Apple’s newest $1,000 iPhone is expected to outstrip the supply, which means that it could potentially be months before Apple is able to fulfill all of its pre-orders. As a result, there are bound to be many people who pre-order the iPhone X who will potentially experience months of waiting due to the extremely long shipping wait times.

In fact, it probably won’t be until sometime in mid-2018 before the supply chain can finally catch up with the demand. Despite the fact that experts are expecting Apple to ship around 40 million iPhone Xs by the end of the fiscal year, there is a good chance that many people who pre-order will still have to wait due to the huge expected demand. The good news is that things should be better for those who are willing to wait until 2018 when the company is expecting to ship approximately 90 million new phones.

If you’re a diehard Apple fanatic and can’t wait to get your hands on the company’s latest phone, it is definitely in your best interest to pre-order as early as possible. Otherwise, you might be stuck having to admire your friend’s new iPhone X for at least a few months.

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